Workshops for Therapists

Dr Micha Weiss

Workshops on Ethical Presence of the Therapist

My Ph.D, ending 2015, dealt with the issue of the implementation of Apology in the psychoanalytic encounter[1].

Following that I have structured workshops for professionals aiming to expose the participants to the Ethical moment, via clinical simulations, some of which have been published by renown clinicians. This enables the participants to simulate themselves in these clinical moments, attempting to structure an intervention in the ethical realm, in small groups.

Added to that, by later exposing the details of the writers, I am able to outline a brief Historical overview of changes that have evolved around the issue of Ethical standing in the field.

My experience shows that the workshop is suitable for clinicians with variable experience- I have given it to Practicum students in clinical psychology, and to experienced practitioners, and it is sensed as relevant by both parties.

For a detailed plan of the workshop that needs around 5 hours please get in touch-

[1]Weiss M, (2018) Ethical Presence in the Psychoanalytic Encounter and the Role of Apology. The American Journal of Psychoanalysis, March 2018, Volume 78, Issue 1, pp 28–46.

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